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About Acrobat XI Professional

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro is the most powerful, comprehensive and full-featured editor PDF, available in the market. Developed E- friends PDF standard, it offers the possibility of creating dokumentaPDF from scratch, convert to and from standardPDF documents and edit existing known of PDF-documents.

After eleven successful editions, Acrobat Pro to create PDF disukaidan software professionals to redaktirovaniya.Nesmotrya a growing number of competitors flooded the market every year, and not a toolselection was approached successfully complete acrobatics. It is true that some of the editor PDFIh solve some of the least bit in Acrobat solution elegant and efficient, but in the end, none of them managed to make an endless list of features and functions.

Acrobat isthe most in the past, especially on desaindaerah. Interface Format menu and you will find in this new version you will not be surprised if you happen to have users of Acrobat X. However, the time, Adobe has put an emphasis on funktsionalnost.Reshenie now more convenient, thanks to the interactive point and clickbutton allows you to add, delete and modify text easily in the editorial text. PDF-files can now be converted into nastoyascheePowerPoint directly, without the need to extract images as we used to do sebelumnya.Bentuk experience has improved a great edition to installFormsCentral on your system, which will allow you to create forms of promoting the search from the beginning, and the model response. And last but not least, you can now also include a plurality of documents in various formats into a single PDF document.

In addition to this work, AcrobatXI ProOborudovan with a long list of improvements to existing features. Changes to the HTML Engine files and Office documents, PDFsebagian large has been updated, along with the conversion from PDF to a Word (DOCX and kakDOC) to. Change PDF to PDF-files available (read visually impaired people) is now more intuitive, especiallywhen it comes to determining the order of reading the document.

Adobe Acrobat XI v11

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